Hard to Reject

十一月 14, 2005

Part One

Sometimes it’s really hard to have somebody turned down.

Just a couple of weeks ago, I met this key pad on the internet. We talked about ourselves via qq, through emails, and we had a great time. That is until we got to see each other in the real world. Don’t blame me for being shallow, but somehow or not the appearance does give some credit. The meeting verified the saying that dinosaurs crawl all over the cyber. I completely lost all the hit when we met. So I euphemistically said something that means I really am not interested in you. I know the most efficient way is directly to say “No”, but it’s just too hard to do so for some obscure social network rules about which I am always clumsy. Anyway, this euphemism did not work out, rather it gave him the hint that I might also like him. What’s worse of it, he already had my cell phone number before we met. So lately, he kept calling me and trying to fix another date (in his words!). It really upsets my nerve. Actually I’ve been freaked out for the past weeks whenever the cell rang. So what did I do? I switched my phone in silent-mode, pretending he’s not calling me. It works somehow, only I cannot hear the calls from my friends and colleagues, who have complained for more than ones. And what should I explain, that recently I’ve been chased by some middle-aged guy? That the chasing has become some sort of harassment? That I am a shallow guy who always looks at someone in beauty? I must have gone nuts! At least this is the only solution I find enforceable. I hope he will finally figure out what I really meant, though I kinda become a shitty botom-dweller, a practical Joey of the “Friends“.



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